Problem with flowering plum tree

Credit: iStockphoto


Q: I planted a double flowering plum tree and it’s not looking too good.

The leaves are still green, but very wilted looking or droopy. The soil looks like its getting enough water. What should I do?

Unfortunately, there is not enough background information to do a proper diagnosis, e.g. how was the tree planted, what condition the soil was in prior to planting, what if any product was placed into the planting hole, if the tree was a ball and burlap or container grown, and others.

I will assume the roots on this plant were disturbed, e.g. original soil fell away from the roots. There were no excessive chemicals, e.g. several handfuls of 6-8-6 added to the planting hole except bone meal. No other chemical spray has been applied either to the tree in question or other weed killer.

Having made all these assumptions, the plant is in shock. Keep the soil moderately moist to touch. Use a bottle of liquid transplant solution as directed, e.g. once every other week. The product contains some fertilizer so no need to add any other fertilizer. I am hoping this tree will try to send new leaves before the end of summer. Otherwise it will not survive the winter. Or as a customer, exercise your right to return the tree back to where you purchased hopefully to get a more definitive answer. I would give the tree at least
this summer to respond.