Problem with miscanthus sinensis not blooming

Credit: iStockphoto

These normally bloom very reliably unless they are in too much shade, which doesn’t sound like the case. I suspect you’re right — the plants are drought stressed and don’t have the extra energy to bloom, which is a shame as the blooms are so decorative, well into winter.

Cut the stems down to the ground ASAP (late winter, early spring), before new shoots begin to emerge. (If you cut off a few leaf tips, it’s ok.) Scatter a few handfuls of an all-purpose organic fertilizer and then apply a thick mulch of compost or well-rotted manure to improve the soil texture. Drench plants during summer dry spells about every week for this summer. Mulch again in fall and next spring. By next summer, the plants should be stronger, more drought resistant AND hopefully blooming.