Proven Winners’ Monte Carlo Arrangement

For a summer container that can't miss, check out this arrangement that groups together bright, leafy foliage with stunning yellow flowers

The Monte Carlo Arrangement is the summer container that keeps on giving

If you’re searching for a summer container garden that’s a sure bet, look no further than Proven Winners’ Monte Carlo

Proven Winners’ Monte Carlo arrangement is one way to up the ante when it comes to summer container gardening.

The beautiful yellow stonecrop, Sedum ruprestre ‘Angelina’, shown here cascading over the side of the pot, is an evergreen perennial that thrives in hot sun and sandy soil and is hardy to zone 6.

Use it to line pathways or as a groundcover in a tricky spot where nothing else will thrive. Oh, and of course, tuck bits into your containers. It’s so accommodating that pieces transplant with ease.

A Summer Bloom

Later in summer, foliage turns bright green and yellow flowers cover this creeper. Here ‘Angelina’ teams up with the taller Sedum (or Hylotelephium) garnet brocadeTM. This zone-3, burgundy-leaf perennial throws up clouds of small pink flowers in late summer; leave them standing for winter interest. Foliage drama is compounded with a variegated sage (Salvia officinalis Icterina’).

For non-stop flowers, add a marguerite daisy specially bred for compactness: Argyranthemum frutescens vanilla butterfly.®

It doesn’t survive our B.C. winters, but it blooms its heart out all summer and into fall.

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