Pumpkin surprise

A compost miracle and pie from her CSA grain share fill Sharon Hanna's home with holiday cheer.

Credit: Sharon Hanna

Too bad I didn’t photograph this great big pumpkin in the garden – hanging off the side of the fence. It looked amazing. The colour is different, as is the texture – very deeply ridged – it’s a lovely deep pumpkin colour; not the pale orange of the SuperStore ones! 🙂

The best part: The pumpkin grew from seeds in the compost! Normally squash don’t grow from last year’s seeds. They can “mate” with any members of the cucurbit family (all squashes, cukes, etc.) and you’ll get something that is not the original. That’s why this pumpkin was such a surprise.

And that’s an apple pie I made yesterday with my grain CSA whole wheat flour (freshly milled and grown in Agassiz). Aren’t I just a little Martha S?