Rescuing lupines

Credit: Valleybrook

Q: Something has been mining the leaves of my lupines, plus the stalks were wilting and I discovered green stink bugs on them. Is there a way to rescue my lupines if this happens again this coming year?

Lupines (Lupinus) are usually short-lived in the landscape, with lifespans typically lasting less than five years. These plants require deep soil and do not like to be transplanted due to their long root system. Lupines do not like dry, hot weather and prefer moist soil and cooler environments. To prolong the blooming season, deadhead old flowers and provide deep watering with a topdressing of mulch.

Insect and disease problems can occur when these plants are under stress. Keep an eye out for powdery mildew or stink bugs, and immediately discard any infected or infested leaves. You can also prune your plants to the ground to give them a fresh start.