Restoring Areas with Wildflower Seed and Grasses

Spreading low-growing grass and wildflower seed that protects the soil from erosion.

Credit: Hortont424

House construction or garden renovation often leaves large raw areas. It’s not always possible to embark on a full landscaping program immediately, but for an easy temporary solution, why not consider “naturescaping”? This is simply spreading low-growing grass and wildflower seed that requires little care and, once established, protects the soil from erosion, supports local insects and helps to cool the area.

The best choice is a blended mixture of grasses, wildflower annuals and perennials, and nutrient-fixing legumes. Choose a suitable mix for your zone and area, and ensure it includes no invasive varieties. Here are my favourites:


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West Coast Seeds Coastal Revegetation Mix: A dozen legumes and grasses are carefully selected for west-coast conditions.

Veseys Drought Tolerant Mix: A mix of annuals and perennials custom blended for extra dry, hot areas.

Ontario Seed Company Low Growing Native Prairie Grass Mix: A blend of four low-growing
native grasses.