Revisiting the Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden

This startlingly beautiful garden is imbued with the spirit of the Sunshine Coast

After much hard work and dedication, the Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden Society is something to behold

Seeing is believing when it comes to the Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden

It seems like just yesterday when I stood amidst wild forest and overrun fields with two very excited and determined volunteers to hear about the very ambitious vision of the Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden Society.

Frankly, while I was terribly impressed by what I saw, I was also completely daunted by the size of this undertaking. With so much to be done, how could it possibly be managed?

Yet, in what seems like just a blink of an eye and following a flurry of fundraising and back-breaking work that included clearing invasive plants, cultivating the soil, adding waterlines and septic fields, digging drainage ditches, forging pathways and roadways, and creating a parking lot – to say nothing of the all-important planting – a truly delightful garden destination has been forged for all.

Add to this mix the construction of the gorgeous Sparling Pavilion – now used for learning events, celebrations and many a wedding – as well as the conversion of an existing stable into a volunteer centre and garden shed, and you have a hugely impressive botanical garden with the special feel of the Sunshine Coast.

Along with the generous-spirited energy of the group of people whose hard work has created this wonderful place, what I love about the Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden is its emphasis on honouring nature and native plants, as well as its focus on growing edibles (that are in turn are donated to the community by wheelbarrow loads that weigh in at a whopping 1000 pounds a year).

Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden

What to Do at the Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden

Open every day of the week, this busy garden also offers a continual lineup of events, workshops and tours: check out the Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden events page to find out what’s coming up.

For those wanting to just drop by, admission is by donation. Located at 5941 Mason Road in Sechelt, just five minutes from downtown Sechelt, it should be on your things-to-do list anytime you’re on the Sunshine Coast. Here are just a few things to plan for your day:

Simply stroll: Breathe the fresh air and savour the beauty of nature at the Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden. Pick up a self-guided tour map and stroll easy paths through woods and meadows, by glassy ponds and under remarkable trees.  Learn about the native flora in the new Native Plant Garden.

Incredible edibles and pollination power: While you’re there, be sure to visit the Bee Demonstration Hives, as well as the year-round Vegetable Garden.

Bring the kids: Pack a lunch to enjoy in the Picnics and Play area. Kids will love the Nature Scavenger Hunt cards available, as well as the hopscotch and tic-tac-toe games built right in the ground.

The Changing Seasons

Spring: Watch the birds gather twigs, sprigs and lichen for their nests. Check out the nest boxes for occupants. Come to the giant Botanical Plant Sale, May 5.

Summer: Nibble on huckleberries or salmonberries. Check the website for a variety of concerts and special events held in Sparling Pavilion.

Autumn: See the aspen, maple and linden foliage turn colour. Head into the demonstration Vegetable Garden and chat with the proud volunteers, who are always happy to show you this feast for the eye and the palate. Don’t miss Harvest Festival, September 1, as it’s a fun day for everyone.

Winter: Attend the Woodland Christmas on December 1 to see beautiful decorations inspired by nature and the Winter Lights display with over 10,000 twinkling lights. The New Year’s Day Walk welcomes dogs on a leash.