Sage combo for a deer-proof container

A quick idea for an herb container that deer won't munch.

Credit: Carol Pope

Not yours to munch, deer!

All gardeners in deer country know to never say “deer-proof” – we always use the more cautionary deer-resistant because just when you make the promise to another gardener that a plant is definitely deer-proof, chances are you will wake up the next morning to find it eaten to the ground.

But I am going to be cocky and say that here is a quick container combo that is definitely deer-proof. In my 20 years of growing gardens in deer country, the sage, rosemary and bronze carex in my beds and containers – including varying cultivars of each – has had nary a nibble.

This combo of three spotted at a nursery this past weekend is a simple and effective idea for a garden accent for a sunny spot, deer or not.