Seeding seeds and keeping cats away from plants

Credit: iStockphoto


Q: It may sound a bit strange or even silly, but how or what is the right way to seed seeds?

Here is my situation: I built pretty big planters, filled them up with soil, but the process of putting the seeds, is a mystery to me. I know I have to make either a hole or long strip and put the seeds there, but what do I cover it with, should I just cover it lightly or may be press on it? This information is not on the package. Any help would be appreciated. And one other question; one of my cats digs in plants and any soil. Any ideas what will work best to keep her out of there? Cat repellent? Or may be some plants cats can’t stand?

It’s difficult to give you one answer for your question on planting seeds, as not all seeds require the same treatment. Some require deep planting, some shallow, and others germinate best on top of the soil. I recommend you send for a very helpful (and free) resource, full of seed-planting advice:
the West Coast Seeds Gardening Guide, available on request from I also suggest the comprehensive Veseys Planting Guide: Both these resources will be very helpful to you!

As for your cat quandary, I’ve been told by friends with cats that a mulch of pebbles or pine nuggets will discourage digging, while exposed soil is an open invitation to them to think “litter box”! A layer of chicken wire on top of your soil may also discourage them, and a planting of rue is apparently distasteful to both cats and rodents. A good spray of water should also dampen their interest, and, lastly, cats fear snakes, and I have read reports that leaving artificial snakes or short pieces of garden hose lying about your garden may keep cats away.