Seedlings at WIG

Credit: Sharon Hanna

Above — A common sight at W.I.G. in spring – thousands of little seedlings everywhere.

squeeze bottle seedlings WIG

These plastic squeeze bottles are found at the end of many of the greenhouse tables. Rather than irrigating in groups, individuals are spot-watered as needed due to their sensitivity to being overwatered.


Oh, to bask in warmth and humidity, like these beautiful young Echeveria….!

aeoniumAeonium ‘Schwartzkopf’ (“black head”, literally) looking beautiful and….succulent. Alfred gave me one which had broken off and told me to simply stick it on top of well-drained potting soil and keep it warm. Sure enough, it’s coming along just fine….

aeonium schwartzkopf
Here’s two little Aeonium pieces that had broken off, both alive and well. The thinner, more delicate and darker one is Aeonium ‘Schwartzkopf’; the other rounder one is called ‘Velour’.

Large Echeveria specimens, some displaying “crenulation” – these growths are thought to be attractive by collectors. Hmmmmmmm. Only older plants display these characteristics. Aeonium arboreum in the background…..

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