Seedlings in the greenhouse

Credit: Carolyn Herriot

Here are a few DO NOTs for your green babies:

  • Do not allow seedlings to get root bound
  • Do not allow seedlings to dry out
  • Do not overwater – results in a fungal condition called damping off
  • Do not allow seedlings to get leggy, it means they are reaching for light
  • Do not allow seedlings to go yellow, they are hungry for fertilizer

And here are a few DOs:

  • Prick out your seedlings only once the first set of true leaves have developed
  • Handle seedlings with care by the seed leaves.
  • Use a good lightweight peat-based mix to transplant your seedlings into. Pre moisten it and make a small hole for the seedling, (I use a chopstick), lower in and firm gently. Water in.
  • Keep newly transplanted seedlings in a cool shady place for a few days so they can recover from transplant shock. Then move to a brighter location.
  • When the root system becomes well developed, fertilize weekly with either liquid fish fertilizer or liquid seaweed (I alternate weekly).

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