Sharon’s lasagna garden

Credit: Sharon Hanna

Above: Kitsilano front yard lasagna garden, installed third week of May.

Everything is growing about three times faster than in my veggie beds in the back yard. Perhaps it’s the two wheelbarrows full of compost, plus a bunch of dried maple leaves, and new soil as well – the chard particularly has produced large leaves in very short time.

The tomato plants are much bigger than the backyard ones, and appear to be much more skookum – not leggy, producing ‘suckers’ like mad. They seem to have a different green colour too – softer, and even a bit grayish.

There’s a tendency for the veggies to lean towards the south; huge & looming Norway maples cause this, but the little lasagna garden receives light and sun (when we get it) from sunrise at about 6 a.m. until 3 pm, and then late afternoon and evening as well, at least for the month of June.

So far so good in terms of animals or human marauders; luckily, the rest of my front yard is such a hodge-podge of daisies and “one of everything” that passers-by are unable to focus their eyes. Tidy gardeners tend to look the other way as they pass by. That may be a good thing esp. when tomatoes start to ripen….