Showcase the Beauty of Each Plant with Container Gardening

Individually potted plants let you show off each plant's unique personality

Credit: Proven Winners

Potted plants make it easy for you to change their location on the spot, giving you more flexibility with the garden’s layout

Container gardening makes playing “musical plants” a breeze

The simplicity of one plant per container showcases the beauty of each. Plus, smaller pots are easier to move, allowing for different looks on a whim, an inclination I’ve heard called “musical plants.” Here are two of my favourite summer annuals.

The chartreuse coleus is ‘LifeLime.’ Pinching the tips makes it bushy. Set it in morning sun with filtered shade in the middle of the day; provide regular summer water.

I make a point of planting a handful of Calibrachoa each summer. They are easy to grow and the sunset colours are so inviting. I even use them as seasonal groundcover in some very dry, sunny parts of my garden.