Shrub Roses: So Hot Right Now

They might not be the most popular member of their family, but shrub roses deserve a second look this spring

Credit: Huhu

Often overlooked, shrub roses are dazzling

Look to shrub roses this spring for a hardy, fragrant and delightful-looking flower

Now is a great time to plan and select roses for planting in the garden this spring. Many of the mail order nurseries that sell roses are taking orders now. They often offer a far broader choice for you than the local nursery can. Even perusing their catalogue offerings is enjoyable.

Several hard to find varieties are often available, so also look in rose books or web sites for those varieties that are particularly pleasing for you. Keep in mind factors such as fragrance, hardiness, disease resistance, flower colour and more.

The Beauty of Shrub Roses

Most of us focus on hybrid teas, grandifloras and floribundas when purchasing roses, but let’s not forget the incredible beauty and appeal of the many shrub roses that are available.

Most shrub roses are hardier than the hybrid teas, and several even have flowers that closely resemble the more popular types of roses. When it comes to a long bloom season and a profusion of flowers the shrub roses are a much better choice than most of the other flowering plants that are available.

Shrub roses have aren’t only beautiful with delightful fragrances, they’re also disease resistance and extremely tolerant of cold and heat. For example, the Explorer and Parkland series of roses were developed right here in Canada, particularly for cold resistance.

Shrub roses do not require the rigid pruning of other rose types, except to thin for better air circulation and deadhead for more flower production.

All of the above factors definitely make shrub roses a wise choice for the garden this spring. Take a chance and you’ll reap the rewards for years to come.