Sort and Organize Your Seeds for the Spring

Keep your seeds organized

Credit: Carol Pope

A handy tool for managing your seeds come springtime

As a cool location is best for seed storage, I tend to store my seeds in the fridge in sealed plastic containers through most of the year. Always, I tuck in a pouch or two of lime desiccant or powdered milk to suck up any moisture and ensure the seeds stay dry.

In spring, though, I like to bring them all out to plan my garden and consider what new seeds need to be ordered, often spreading them over the kitchen table for days on end and forcing my poor family to find another place to eat dinner… Hence this very tidy solution.

My problem-solving husband whipped up this quick-to-make sorter system that can be designed to fit into any box or old drawer, making seed organization a dream, and it’s portable so that I can move it down to the cool basement when I’m not in the midst of my planning.

Now I’m all set to order more…