Spring arrives at Chilliwack’s Cannor Nursery

Carol takes us to one of her favourite nurseries.

Credit: Carol Pope

Spring has sprung at Cannor Nursery out in Chilliwack with local produce, garden products, farm staples and kitchen treats galore

Cannor was one of the most fun nurseries I’ve had the pleasure to visit. The storefront was a celebration of the good weather (hopefully) on our horizon, with a vivid display of primulas to cheer all who walked by.

Once I headed into the store, what I most loved about Cannor’s Chilliwack store was that it embraced nearly everything I’m crazy about. First, it is stuffed with local produce and products, not only for the garden but for the kitchen.

I stocked up on Anita’s Organic Seven Grain Hot Cereal (which I use for making bread), made just around the corner from the nursery in Chilliwack. I also picked up some of Anita’s Gourmet Whole Wheat Crepe Mix for my son who has surprisingly gourmet tastes now considering he lived off of tofu wieners and cheese pizza for the first decade of his life.

Horse supplies at Cannor Nursery in Chilliwack
From hay to carrots, it’s an equestrian delight.

I also picked up some sprouting broccoli seeds for my vegan daughter Elizabeth, hoping to impress her. I also made a mental note to bring her to the store one day, as she is an avid horse lover and rider.

At Cannor Nursery I found every equestrian accessory she had ever dreamed of—from boots to bags to saddles to horse carrots by the bucket. They also had a good supply of hay. If I hadn’t been driving my very tiny Smart Car that day I would have bought a couple bales myself as it’s a wonderful mulch and hard to find in the city.

Primulas signal spring at Cannor nursery.
Primulas signal spring at Cannor nursery.

Also local at Cannor: an impressive selection of holistic pet foods, birdseed, espresso and lavender honey from Rosedale’s Honeyview Farm; free-trade coffee roasted in Aggasiz; and, last but not least, virtually all of their plants, trees, hedging cedars, soil, garden boosters and even the worm castings were locally grown.

It’s good to see a BC-owned business supporting so many neighbours, and it made me proud to shop there.