Sprinker Tune-Up

Here are seven tips from Rain Bird to help get your irrigation system ready for another season of watering.

• Get with the program – Dust away the cobwebs on the timer and make sure the settings are appropriate for your watering needs.
• Clear your heads – Check for rocks, dirt, sand and other debris that may block the sprinkler heads.
• Do the can-can – Conduct a “can test” by placing empty tin cans every 3 to 5 metres (10 to15 ft.) throughout your yard and begin watering.
• Compare the level of water in each can. If water levels differ significantly, adjust the flow and spray pattern of the sprinklers as needed.
• Out with the old – Replace cracked, chipped or worn plastic nozzles.
• Run through the sprinklers – Since watering is best done in the early-morning hours, a problem may not be discovered until it is too late. Turn on the irrigation system, throw on a bathing suit and make sure everything is working properly.
• Value your valves – Visually inspect each valve.
• Be prepared – Replace the backup battery in the timer/controller every six months and keep a copy of the watering schedule nearby.