Start a container garden

The following is the basic process for starting a container garden.

  1. Cover the drainage hole of the container using a tea bag, landscape fabric, etc.
  2. Fill your container two-thirds full with a good commercial container potting soil or your own custom soil mixture.
  3. Remove the plant (to be planted) from its nursery pot. Handle it gently and make sure the root ball stays intact. If it sticks in the pot, invert the pot and tap its rim against the edge of your container to encourage the root ball to slip out.
  4. Plant each plant to the same depth to which it grew in its own pot and surround with fresh potting mix. Be sure that you do not fill the pot to the brim with soil. There must be adequate room for watering.
  5. Water the container planting deeply. Wait a few minutes, and then water it again.

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