Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden Vegetable Harvest Festival

The Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden Vegetable Harvest Festival for gardening enthusiasts to share tips, stories, and fabulous veggies

People happily swapped gardening stories at the festival

There was plenty of sharing and community spirit at the Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden Vegetable Harvest Festival

After the rough spring weather-wise, it was so rewarding to see such a robustly beautiful produce-packed garden on this sunny September Sunday.

Flowers and veggies coexisted and thrived, while beneficial insects and humans alike milled and flitted. Humans swapped garden stories and pinched the odd bean, inhaled the scent of lemon verbena and nibbled on stevia, while insects sipped on flower nectar and hunted out “bad” bugs and aphids.

Garden volunteers harvested 82 pounds of food throughout the day, which was dropped off at the food bank. Veggies included potatoes, beans, zucchini and other late-summer treats. The pattypan squash has done very well – these seem to need a lot of sun; I can’t get one to grow in Vancouver to save my life.

Over by the The Book of Kale signing table (that was me!), Master Gardener volunteers happily shared their knowledge with guests. Fabulous teas were on offer, made by Harry, using lemon balm, berries, stevia, raspberries, lemon verbena and other yummy ingredients.

It was especially nice to see the mini pumpkins, beans, beets, carrots and more, planted by local school kids. Children appreciated the cute little mouse melons and one young man won the “Longest Horsetail Root” contest with a 41-incher.

Being at this event, hanging out with volunteers and visitors, seeing the good work and fellowship abound . . . all made for a beautiful and delightful experience.