Make Super-easy Plant IDs

Having trouble navigating your bountiful vegetable garden? Mark your plants with these environmentally friendly IDs

Credit: Christina Symons

Locate your plants in second with these handy IDs

Mark your vegetables with these handy ID sticks

Vegetable seed row markers have always been a wise idea. They remind you what you planted and where, well before and as the seedlings start to show.

The trouble is, seed row markers are usually short and my memory is often even shorter.

So as my veggie plants grow larger, sometimes I still can’t remember exactly what they are and the seed row markers are long lost among the vegetation.

Solution? Make plant ID sticks! These much taller markers are particularly useful in areas of the garden where you have several varieties of similar plant stock, such as squash or beans.

plant IDs
(Image: Christina Symons)

Simply collect some tall sticks (.5 to 1 metre tall) from the bush or the beach. Then use a permanent felt-tip marker or a wood burning tool (as we did) to indicate the vegetable or plant variety.

Stick your Plant ID marker in the ground, in among the vegetation of each plant.

It’s plant identification. made super easy!