Terrarium treasure

Often mistaken for a fern, or sometimes a moss, Selaginella kraussiana falls somewhere in between.

Credit: Barbra Fairclough


Selaginella kraussiana is often mistaken for a fern, or sometimes a moss, but it in fact falls somewhere in between

This club moss (spikemoss) is a close cousin of other spore-bearing plants, such as horsetails, ferns and mosses.

Use this great foliage plant to build your terrarium, combining it with other moisture-loving foliage plants for an easy indoor tropical look.

S. kraussiana ‘Aurea’ (trailing spikemoss) has bright-chartreuse foliage that forms an easy cover, and the pewter-blue foliage of S. uncinata (peacock moss) is mesmerizing.

Add some true ferns, such as Adiantum venustum (Himalayan maidenhair fern), for a stunning foliage combination.