The American Modern Garden

Senga Lindsay tours the American Modern Garden at the Hamilton Botanical Gardens in New Zealand, pointing out the modernist elements that are still being used for fun and edgy garden architecture.

A template for those seeking a west-coast contemporary style

Last year, my husband and I headed down to New Zealand and toured both the South and North Islands. New Zealanders love their gardens and the moderate climate is well suited to the vast array of flora that was introduced by many of its British-influenced immigrants.

The Hamilton Botanical Garden

One botanical garden in particular­ – the Hamilton Botanical Garden – is a horticulturalist’s as well as landscape designer’s dream. A large area is devoted to garden design throughout periods of history. Each garden style is physically partitioned from the other so that you feel you are stepping back in time.

The American Modern Garden

In this particular blog I show you the American Modern Garden, which is rooted in the 1950s and due to the influence of the great landscape architect Thomas Church. The elements of this garden are adaptable to those wishing a more contemporary flair to their garden style, plus there is emphasis on using plants native to your particular zone – perfect for Pacific Northwest post-and-beam architecture or for those wishing to create a garden that is edgy and fun.