The Best Corn to Freeze

Credit: Flickr / normanack

Q: We ordered Chippawa corn (a midseason Hybrid sweet corn – sugary enhanced SE bicolors) from Stokes last year and we planted 16 rows (each about 100 ft long). The harvest was bountiful and the fresh corn on the cob was fantastic. However, almost all the corn that we blanched and froze turned out to be sour when we went to use it. We’ve been growing, freezing, and eating corn for decades and have never had a problem like this. Is this a problem with the Chippawa variety or is there another explanation?

Some corn varieties freeze better than others, and this sounds like a variety that does not freeze well. When growing or buying corn for freezing, check that it stores with quality intact. ‘Peaches and Cream’ and ‘Golden Bantam’ are good choices for freezing. I have discovered that the corn cobs freeze well when left inside the inner wrapper leaves (in buckets or freezer bags.) Do not blanche. When you are ready to eat it, boiling the still-frozen cob in water for exactly 10 minutes results in flavour as good as the day it was picked. For best results, freeze corn fresh-picked when the sugar content is highest.