The Easy Efficiency of Air Plants

The Tillandsia is perfect for would-be planters, with its exotic look and low-maintenance ways

Tillandsia uses its roots to grasp onto tiny crevices, like the ones in this branch

For easy plant maintenance, pick up Tillandsia, an air plant that requires neither soil or pot

Got a black thumb when it comes to houseplants? Well, here’s one that doesn’t come with a lot of baggage or need a lot of care. It’s a Tillandsia, or air plant, and requires neither soil nor pot. Adaptable to many conditions, air plants don’t ask for much, as long as you provide them with air, light and water.

Air plants are modern, easy, beautiful and exotic. They are widely available from garden nurseries and some floral shops. Small and compact, air plants may be tucked into the tiniest of living spaces. In fact, unlike most plants with delicate roots, they use their sturdy root structure primarily for hanging onto crevices.

Because of their spiky leaf character, air plants look wonderful under glass or placed atop plain sand. Try several of the plants arranged in a shallow tray or plate. Or, affix your air plant to a stationary or hanging wooden support.

To care for your air plant, you’ll need to water it at least three mornings a week. It enjoys a full soaking, getting all of the leaves wet as if it was caught in a rainstorm. Regular tap water is fine. Misting helps too but thorough dunking will ensure your Tillandsia is adequately hydrated.