The GardenWise guide to canning and pickling

The GardenWise guide to all things pickling, canning and preserving.

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Learn how to preserve your fruits and vegetables for year-round use with our top picks for canning and preserving–from easy recipes to how-to videos

In this guide, learn how to can tomatoes, pickle beans, preserve herbs, and make delicious jam – plus watch the videos for easy step-by-step instructions. It’s much easier than you think!

Pickled beans canned tomatoes

Recipe: Easy pickled
by Sharon Hanna

How to can tomatoes

by Sharon Hanna

Heavenly Preserves

by Sharon Hanna

Preserving beans from the
garden in six easy steps
Be sure to use the best,
freshest tomatoes
How to make fruit and
vegetable preserves
Tomato jam recipe chopping herbs

Recipe: Tomato jam

by Sharon Hanna

Freezing herbs

by Judith Hogan

How to dry herbs

by Carolyn Jones

Sharon shares her fabulous
tomato jam recipe
Learn the best way to
preserve fresh herbs
Decorate your kitchen
with your herb garden

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Marmalade recipe Canning workshops Canning workshops

Preserving spring

by Diane Selkirk

Yes, you can, can

by Diane Selkirk

Spicy bean Tutorial

by A. Tucker & J. Dives

Modern women can can—
fruit, that is
Learn how to preserve
with free canning lessons
Learn to can in 10 steps
with this canning tutorial

Video tutorials: Learn how to can and preserve food on YouTube


canning for dummies Make dill pickles

Canning for Dummies

Make dill pickles

Pickling vegetables

Get a quick overview of the
water-bath canning process
A step-by-step guide
from start to finish
It’s easy to make a pack
of pickled peppers