The hydroponics challenge

Credit: Jupiter images

‘Prove it’, I replied!

I could not believe food grown excluding the soilweb of life could be as nutritionally sound as that fed by the intricate host of microorganisms in soil, about which we as yet know little of. The soilweb of life is a new science, one many horticulturists have no knowledge of. See

Have studies been done to test if it is safe to grow food outside soil?

After one year of searching the Internet Dustin couldn’t find a scientific study to compare the nutritional content of hydroponically grown organic food with soil grown organic food.

As a species we have evolved with a diet of food grown in soil. With so little modern day understanding of soil science, how do we know it is safe to take soil out of the equation?

What Dustin did find was evidence that the hydroponics industry states it considers such a study a waste of research funds. Considering that hydroponics is the future’s answer to feeding the masses, I think we have a right to know.

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