The mint collection

Credit: Carolyn Herriot

Because of this, and because mint is so notoriously invasive in the garden, I grow mine in 5 gallon pots which I renew with fresh soil and new rootings at the start of every year. Throughout the season I harvest this potful as fresh mint leaves. Cutting encourages bushiness and more leaves, so there’s always plenty for drying for tea. I make up tea blends of different flavoured mints. Fresh ginger is my favourite right now, but I also love the dried Chocolate/Lavender mint tea.

Don’t Forget: Always throw a sprig of mint into the pot when cooking new potatoes!

Drying Herbs
Harvest herbs on a sunny day, after the dew has dried from the leaves and before the flowers have opened. This is when the flavour is at its peak.

Pick young, fresh shoots about six inches (15 cm) long. Gather together and tie into small bunches. To capture the essential oils, put them in a paper bag and hang it in a warm, dark place with good air.

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