The Missing Link?

For 10,000 years humans have domesticated and farmed food plants; replaced over the past 70 years by an agribusiness model, dependant on huge inputs of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Today’s food is highly processed and ripened in transit, travelling thousands of miles around the world. Is it surprising that something vital to human health may be missing from our food?

Six years ago, Professor Gerry Potter ( discovered that something.

“Salvestrols are natural, food-based molecules manufactured by fruits and vegetables as they ripen, to prevent them from fungal attack. They are non-toxic and induce apoptosis in a wide array of cancer cells. They can be isolated from organically grown fruits and vegetables, but are found only in minute doses in plants exposed to fungicides.”

In 100 clinical trials, using terminally ill cancer patients, 35 per cent showed remarkable reversal of cancerous conditions using salvestrol extracts, after a short time of incorporating them into the diet.

Needless to say, the benefits of eating organic fruits and vegetables – whether grown in your own garden or purchased from local farmers – seem to be huge.