The New Victory Garden in June

Credit: Carolyn Herriot


The Garden in June is crowded by different species of vegetables going to seed.

If you look at this overview closely you will see calendula Pot Marigold, Red Russian kale, seakale Crambe maritima, arugula, radishes, cilantro Chinese coriander, endive, chicory, silverbeet and chives going to seed in the garden.

sugar snap peas, victory garden program, carolyn herriot

Thanks to this long cool spring ‘Sugar snap’ peas (mange tout) and ‘Brazilian snow’ peas are abundant, so there will be plenty to eat now and plenty to freeze for winter enjoyment.

I am able to keep the pea pods off the ground and easily accessible for picking thanks to a bamboo teepee and a woven willow ‘tent’. ‘Sugar snap’ peas have showy white pea flowers, whereas the ‘Brazilian snow’ peas have pretty ornamental purple flowers.

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