The New Victory Garden

Credit: Carolyn Herriot

“All around the world people are questioning why a food chain that used to depend on sunshine for energy is now so overwhelmingly reliant on fossil fuels — a practice obviously unsustainable for us and our planet.”

Eight years ago, Carolyn and her family moved to an acreage on Vancouver Island to create their own self-sustaining oasis. Now she is poised to share her hard-won knowledge and passion for growing with others. Beginning this March 15 and extending into October, Carolyn will be teaching the “12 Steps to Sustainable Home-Grown Food Production — An Organic Approach to Greater Self Sufficiency,” Saturdays at Glendale Gardens in Victoria.

Class participants will take a hands-on approach to creating a stunning edible garden from the ground up. Those not lucky enough to participate with Carolyn can still join the adventure right here on GardenWise Online, where the 12 steps will be revealed one week at a time on Carolyn’s blog.

As Carolyn reminds us, it’s time to join the “Grow Your Own” movement!