The orchard in June

Credit: Carolyn Herriot


In the orchard pollination has been completed and it’s time to check the results! Considering the cool spring we have endured this year I am relieved to see good fruit set.

pears, pear, carolyn herriot's orchard

To get the cherries I will have to net the trees against the birds (but this year I’ll make sure not to net a bird inside!) The apple trees have lots of small fruits on them, as does the five-grafted pear tree. Some of this fruit will drop before maturing, and some may have to be thinned to get good-sized fruit.

pears, carolyn herriot's orchard

Once the fruit has set, I check orchard trees to see if they need a light summer pruning. To keep fruit trees open to maximum light (to ripen fruit), I remove crossing any branches and those growing towards the centre of the tree. If they have fruit on I’ll wait until the winter pruning.

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