The Perfect Pot for Emerald Cedars

Credit: Flickr / crabchick


Q: Would you recommend planting an emerald cedar in a container? The cedar is approximately 5 feet fall.

Emerald cedars (Thuja smiragd) can definitely be grown in containers. They are the perfect evergreen screen and are very easy to grow with little maintenance.

Ensure that the containers you’re considering are at least 50 cm (20 in.) wide by 50 cm (20 in.) deep, as emerald cedars grow a very dense and fiberous root system that require and will fill that amount of space. The biggest concern is over the dry summer periods: don’t let the plants go dry and consider a dripper hose to ensure adequate, even moisture to the roots. The best means of feeding would be with a spring application of time-released hedge fertilizer that will offer ongoing nutrition for a period of four months.