Three Sun-loving Plants

These Vitamin D-loving plant picks flourish when exposed to full-on sunshine

Credit: All-America Selections

These three plants thrive when basking in the sun

Among this year’s All-America Selections are some dazzling beauties for hot spots

These mid-sized annuals all require full sun:

  1. Salvia coccinea ‘Summer Jewel Pink’: With prolific blooms that work as a magnet for bees and hummingbirds, it’s almost too pretty to be true.
  2. Pepper ‘Black Olive’: Sizzling in more ways than one, this gorgeous pepper plant boasts elegantly draped leaves and edible but mouth-scorching purple-black fruit that matures to red.
  3. Catharanthus roseus ‘Jams ‘n Jellies Blackberry’: Confusingly called “vinca,” this heat-lover has white-eyed velvety deep-purple flowers that appear almost black, making it a designer’s delight.

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