Thwart weeds

Credit: Sheena Adams

Here are five tips to help you thwart weeds in your garden.

  1. Top-dress your beds annually with a 5-cm (2-in.) layer of weed-free mulch, such as compost, bark or leaf mould. (It must be well-composted for the heating process to kill weed seeds.)
  2. Cover unplanted areas (new garden beds or veggie garden) with a cover crop when not in use.
  3. Never let your weeds go to seed – get rid of them at first sight.
  4. When introducing soil or compost to the garden, be sure it is weed-free. Otherwise, you may unknowingly be purchasing weed seeds.
  5. Feed, aerate and lime your lawn. A lush, healthy lawn will not allow weeds to take over.