Tips on Container Aesthetics

Credit: Brand X Pictures/Home and Garden/Alison Miksch

Another way to dress up a terra cotta pot is to paint it. You’ll need liquid sealer, water-based acrylic paints and a paintbrush, all of which are readily available at most craft shops or art supply stores. Simply seal the inside of the pot using the liquid sealer and allow it to dry, then use the water-based acrylic paints to create an attractive pattern or design on the outside of the pot. Let your imagination run wild. When the paint has dried, you’re ready to plant your container. (While liquid sealer can be applied to the whole pot, leaving the outside surface unsealed will give your finished design a more rustic look, as more of the paint will recede into the clay surface, leaving behind a softer pattern of colour.)

“Ho-hum containers can be given a new lease on life by using a little creativity. For example, a trip to the beach can net you a pocketful of seashells. Using a glue gun, attach them to the container for a one-of-a-kind design” – Judy Heyer