Tomato Leaf Curl

Leaf curl can occur on tomato plants for several reasons: 1. Fertilizer burn can occur when feeding plants that are in dry soil. Always water before feeding, even though your fertilizer may be dissolved in water (e.g., water-soluble products such as 20-20-20). 2. If the plants are not spaced properly, this can cause water stress in hot weather. Maintain an even but thorough watering routine and try mulching the soil. In future, be sure to space tomato plants about 60 to 90 centimetres apart. 3. Exposure to a herbicide such as 2,4-D can cause this problem. Tomato plants are extremely sensitive to these chemicals. Try maintaining healthy growing conditions by watering or feeding and the plant will hopefully recover. 4. If the plant has a viral infection, there is unfortunately no cure.