Topiary Sculptures for the Patio

Add pizazz to your deck or patio with playful topiary sculptures

Potted topiary shrubs cab be displayed outside or brought indoors for the cool winter months

A topiary shrub on the patio or deck adds playful European flavour to your outdoor living space

Want to add a dash of England or France to your outdoor living area? Consider a formal live topiary sculpture to adorn your deck or patio.

Myrtle, boxwood, rosemary, lavender and bay leaf are just a few of the sweet and fragrant options to choose from.

And because they’re potted you can enjoy most smaller topiary indoors too (and, in fact, it’s a good idea to move them indoors or protect them during colder winter months).

Topiary simply means a tightly pruned herb, shrub or hedge. In the grand landscape, topiary shrubs and trees can even be trained into fanciful shapes such as horses, roosters and gnomes.

But on a much smaller scale, potted topiary plants are usually pre-trained and pruned into spheres atop a tall stem, much like single, double or triple lollipops. Planted in a terra-cotta pot, topiaries add a French country or English garden feel to a casual patio or table setting.

Add your own personal touches to a nursery stock topiary by re-potting it in a decorative planter and blanketing the top of the soil with moss, tossed pebbles or another decorative topping.