Tulips: A Bloom that Keeps on Giving

Tulips may be short-lived, but the bulbs of these cheap and cheerful flowers can easily be saved for next season.

Credit: Netherlands Flower Bulbs

A stone bowl full of blooming tulips is a simple and attractive addition to your garden

Keep your tulip bulbs around for next year

A full-blown tulip has an undeniable extravagance – just before its petals gently drop to the ground, it seems to do a grand, swirling pirouette.

These red and pink tulips fill a heavy stone bowl set beside the emerging spring growth of a boxwood hedge. Tulips are notoriously short-lived as garden plants, but by the same token they are not costly, making them perfect for tucking into any empty container.

After the flowers have finished, the bulbs (with leaves) can be transplanted to another part of the garden to recuperate and gather energy for next year.

Their former residence can then be planted with glorious flowers for the coming summer and fall.