Valentine’s Day Gifts to Win a Gardener’s Heart

Turn that green thumb red this V-Day

Give the gift of garden this Valentine’s Day

As a gardener, I recall one of my favourite Valentine’s gifts from my husband: a rosy-red pair of Fiskars pruners.

They had seemed too pricey to purchase for myself when I already had a set at home, albeit a much cheaper version that chewed up my hands when it came to chopping anything thicker than a daisy stem, but my sweetie showed that he wanted the very best for me.

In contrast to my rusting old pair, my V-Day Fiskars slice through thick mahonia stalks like butter, plus they’re easy to spot whenever I misplace them because I’m side-tracked by a weed to pull or other urgent garden calling.

Knowing my tendency to mislay tools, my sweetheart very romantically included a “holster” so that I could keep my faithful Fiskars reliably at my side and within easy reach.

Sharing my delight over this gift with another gardener, she replied in frustration: “My husband just buys me jewelry; why couldn’t he think like yours? I would love some good pruners or even a load of manure!”

I too wouldn’t pooh-pooh some composted cow or llama dung for my Valentine’s Day treat but knowing that my honey might feel a little funny about that, I’ve learned to keep this request for Mother’s day.

So if you’re gifting a gardener this February 14th, forget lingerie or diamond baubles and win your lover’s heart with one of these many suggestions from three of BC’s top nursery owners.

Wim Vander Zalm of Art Knapps Nurseries

Wim Vander Zalm, owner of two Art Knapps Nurseries and the author of the soon-to-be-released Just Ask Wim!, a book of down-to-earth answers to the 100+ most-asked gardening questions, suggests these classic picks:

  • “The infamous Haws watering can of England is extremely durable and balanced with an easy-fill wide mouth. The brass rosette nozzle is exceptional for fine wide-spectrum watering or you can remove the nozzle for a direct pour.”
  • “The Dramm water nozzle offers a gentle show and is the easiest-to-use water nozzle available. Available in many colours including bright Valentine’s red.”
  • “To protect your Valentine’s hands, Miracle Worker gloves are nitrile coated and waterproof. The thin nitrile coating is durable, but snug enough to allow the gardener to complete tasks that thicker, heavier and more ‘clunky’ gloves wouldn’t.”
  • “Nothing says that I love you like a shrub rake. Okay, maybe that’s a stretch. Attach a rose to it. But your sweetheart will love this handy lightweight long-handled rake, available in gorgeous rose red. The tines span only eight inches, which makes it a perfect size to clean up under shrubs and perennials.”

Shirley Eppler of Cultivate Garden & Gift

Shirley Eppler’s beautiful nursery in Parksville specializes in gifts for the gardener!

  • “Pre de Provence bath products. Really nice product for a tired gardener, and the soaps last a long time.”
  • “Hand-carved seagulls and crows . . . I know, they’re not romantic but they’re fun! They bobble, too. Weather hardy.”
  • “A chalkboard pot to write your own loving message. Pair it with a miniature rose or spring bulbs, or fill it with hand tools and gloves. Or chocolate!”
  • “A happy Buddha statue! Makes everyone smile and want to rub his tummy.”
  • “There are always hoops of jasmine around this time of year and miniature roses. Houseplants in general, flowering or not.”
  • “A trug of hand tools and new gloves. I love trugs because they’re so handy to harvest with. And who doesn’t want to turf their smelly, faded old gloves for new ones!?”
  • “A colourful watering can full of cut tulips or daffs.”
  • “Ted Jolda hand-blown glassware ornaments, party glasses, shot glasses, vases, and perfume bottles.”

Gord Nickel of Wildwood Outdoor Living Centre

Gord Nickel’s comprehensive Wildwood Outdoor Living Centre in Victoria is focused on making the garden a year-round retreat. He suggests a beautiful plant for indoors or out, or this fun idea to win over the gardener of your heart:

  • “Nothing says “I love you” like warm feet and chocolate, so from our nurseries I would pick Solmate socks and some Gabriola Gourmet Garlic along with some Gabriola Gourmet Garlic Chocolate!”

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Gardeners