Viva Italian gardens!

Discover 6 gardens in Italy that will inspire your own Italian garden

Il Giardino di Ninfa is one of Italy’s many examples of its magnificent gardens

The real deal: Italian gardens in Italy

Next time you’re in Italy (in person or online) consider a visit to one of these fabulous Italian gardens. 

Sacro Bosco Villa Orsini

For a Roman dose of Italian gardens, stately statues, stone­scapes and temples, check out Bomarzo, the park of monsters and the villa of wonders. With origins dating to 1552, the park was created by architect Pirro Ligorio who also designed the Cathedral of Saint Peter in Rome after the death of Michelangelo.


The gardens of Valsanzibio date to 1669 and are considered among the most important baroque gardens in the world. Created by Venetian nobility Zuane Francesco Barbarigo and his son Gregorio, a cardinal and future saint, statues, sculptures and streams figure prominently over a 40-acre property.

Giardini La Mortella

Exquisitely situated on the island of Ischia in the Bay of Naples, Giardini La Mortella was designed by Susana Walton, wife of British composer Sir William Walton. This magnificent concert venue contains a spectacular collection of plants from around the world all placed in an Italian context.

Giardino di Boboli 

The Boboli Gardens of Florence house a collection of sculptures and Roman antiquities dating from the sixteenth century, and were originally designed as a backdrop for portions of the Medici collection.

Villa d’Este, Tivoli

A world heritage site, the Italian gardens of Villa d’Este, Tivoli, are over five centuries old. A famed garden of stone, water and wind, framed by the classical arts, antiquities and beauty of the Renaissance.

Il Giardino di Ninfa (pictured)

Just 30 minutes outside of Rome, discover The Garden of Ninfa along with a hortus conclusus, a formal enclosed garden dating from the seventeenth century. The town of Ninfa owes its name to a temple dedicated to the nymphs during the Roman period.

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