Voles in the Garden

Credit: Flickr / Ben Sutherland

Q: I have a large garden surrounded by lawn on a farm: 200 feet of raised vegetable beds, flower beds and a rose garden. Voles have taken over, tunnelling in the lawn, destroying the winter carrot crop, and eating the roots of flowers and roses.

How do I get rid of them? Can they be trapped? The garden is fenced so the dogs do not get in, and we have no cats, so I could safely put out poison bait.

Doing some research, it looks like the preventatives for moles also pertain to voles.

Look at the answer we gave another reader here.

In addition, here is a link that offers some innovative ways to combat voles and moles.

Lastly, you may simply want to engage Barbara Rayment’s solution, as described in one of her columns here.