Volunteering: Growing friendships and happiness

Volunteering in the garden will grow your circle of friends.

Credit: Sheena Adams

Volunteering in the garden: Many hands make light work

A part of my job that is new to me is working with volunteers. As members of a community garden, gardeners rent their plots and are required to contribute 15 hours each of volunteer service.

Tasks include transplanting, cleaning, painting, plant sales and more. With so many volunteers, it is great fun getting things done. They are so helpful. It is wonderful to be part of such a supportive community. It’s super easy to get jobs done with so many cooks in the kitchen. Everyone has their own specialties and with so many volunteers the resource of talent is endless.

Finding friends as a new transplant

It’s been really easy to settle in and meet people. As a “new” transplant to this isolated northern community, I have experienced incredible hospitality – l breakfast, lunch and dinner invites are plentiful.

Being part of a community garden is a great way to grow friendship, happiness and lovely plants. I am excited to see all of it in action – our plots gardening opens next week and soil will be amended and turned and the composters fired up!