What’s Hot in the Garden: Seasonal Colouring, Cube Terrariums and Edible Pansies

This spring season, try out dazzling colours, uniquely shaped terrariums and palatable plants

For a burst of colour this spring, try out some perfectly pink hyacinths

Bring on Spring Colour

Is “colour-starved” a medical diagnosis? If so, most British Columbians are afflicted with it by about February. The remedy: glorious colours of seasonal plants – the brighter the better.

If you missed the bulb-planting window last fall, it’s not too late. Local garden shops carry a dazzling array of potted bulbs that can be tucked into livelier containers for added zing. Hyacinths, shown here, have the added pick-me-up value of a rich perfume.

Hardy to zone 5, the post-bloom bulbs can be planted in the garden 10 cm (4 in.) deep, in full sun with a handful of all-purpose fertilizer to rebloom next spring. – Carolyn Jones

Cube Terrariums

Score + Solder's cube terrariums

Forgo the standard, circular terrarium for a geometric shape with hand-scored glass. Every one of Score + Solder’s cube terrariums is a handcrafted piece of art made with care by local designer Matthew Cleland.

The soldered edges give this quintessentially ‘70s home accessory a masculine and modern update. Casual gardeners can enjoy low-maintenance greenery with a side of high style. From $110; Old Faithful ShopKristen Hilderman

Palatable Pansies

Palatable Pansies

Bring a touch of spring to your winter table in more ways than one with Cool Wave edible pansies. Easy-to-grow and low-maintenance, these hardy overwintering blossoms can withstand seasonal frosts and return in the spring sooner than other varieties.

Arranged with some leafy salad greens in a rustic burlap container, they make a charming edible centrepiece. Sprinkle them over salads or use to garnish cakes and pastries for a fresh way to add some flare to sweet and savoury dishes. With their subtle minty flavour and beautiful petals, these versatile little flowers taste as good as they look. From $4 to $15; available at independent garden centres – Natalie Walters

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