When should I transplant irises?


Q: When should I transplant irises (Southern Ontario)?

The best time to transplant irises is a few weeks after they bloom, during the late summer or early fall (July to end of September). However, irises are quite an easy plant to transplant, so you have a little flexibility: you can essentially transplant them at any time, except for when they are flowering. Keep in mind, it’s common for irises to not blossom the first year after transplanting. Or, they might produce fewer flowers than normal depending on when in the season you decide to transplant. If you transplant early in the spring before your iris has had a chance to bloom, chances are they won’t produce any flowers that year. You’ll also want to avoid transplanting them when it’s hot (mid-summer); most plants don’t take well during hotter temperatures. Make sure you give your irises enough time to establish a good root system in the fall before temperatures drop. They’ll need about two months to develop before frost hits.