When to use lama manure

Credit: Flickr / woodleywonderworks


Q: I live on the Sunshine Coast and am considering using lama manure in our perennial—ornamental garden which consists of mainly acid-loving shrubs like rhododendrons, heathers, photinias, some alkaline herbs like lavenders, rosemary, flowers and bulbs. Can I use the manure for them all?

When compared with standard farm manures such as cow, sheep, or horse, lama manure is lower in organic matter, more neutral in ph, and is often higher in nitrogen and potassium. Its NPK reading is on average 1.7 – .7 – .9. It contains trace elements and minerals, and as you probably know comes in a fine-textured pellet form that is convenient to use. So absolutely it is excellent for the garden, especially alkaline plants such as lavender, lilacs, and the herb and vegetable garden.

However, your acid-loving plants may suffer nutrient access and get chlorotic if they are in too neutral of a ph. If you can, use the lama manure elsewhere and search out a more acidic compost, such as fish or steer, for your acid-loving plants.