Where to Buy Goji Berry and Honeyberry Plants Locally


Q: I live in Nanaimo, BC and am searching for honeyberry and goji berry plants. Where could I find them locally?

Unfortunately, I haven’t had a lot of luck finding you an answer, however I do have a lead for you with regard to goji berries.

You seem to have a grower on Vancouver Island. It would be interesting to find out if they will sell goji berry plants – in fact, if you find that they do, I would love to hear. I once had some goji berry plants that I had ordered as seedlings from Richters Herbs in Ontario, but unfortunately they do not seem to carry them anymore. I lost my plants when I moved from one property to another.

Also, regarding your inquiry about honeyberries, an edible honeysuckle, there is a grower in Alberta and I have written them to see if they are able to sell online. I’ll let you know if I hear back. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to discover any BC sources yet, but will keep on the lookout for just that.