Where to find local gardening podcasts and videos

Credit: hortulus


Q: I’ve been searching iTunes for any British Columbia-related radio gardening talkshow podcasts, but haven’t found any. Can you recommend any that you think are great to listen to?

There are a handful of locally produced podcasts, radio programs and videos you might check out.

First, find gardening expert Gord Nickel’s series of how-to gardening videos here.

CTV’s Tamara Taggart also has a good gardening series called “Way to Grow.” Video for this program is available here.

Kelowna radio station AM 1150 has a live phone-in gardening show at 8 a.m. each Saturday morning. It can be streamed online from anywhere on their website.

Gardening experts Carolyn Herriot and Sharon Hanna regularly appear on local radio, and here is a podcast with Carolyn’s about organic gardening.

Occassional landscape architect and Gardens & Landscapes blogger Christian Barnard’s LANDCAST podcast explores contemporary landscape culture.