Winter Containers

Credit: Terry Guscott

winter containers
Fill winter containers with unusual hardy plants
and blubs such as fritillaria, allium, anemones,
phormiums, ivy and hellebores.

Instead, create intriguing combinations by varying plant size, colour and texture.
A winter container doesn’t have to be the standard mix of pansies and spring bulbs. It can be as beautiful as any container seen in summer.

Phormium, fatsia, sarcoccoca, conifers, heather, ivy, bergenia and hellebore are great examples of plants that are especially well suited for winter containers. Bulbs and pansies can still make an appearance, but a solid foundation of plants that show variety in size, form, texture and colour will create the most spectacular containers.
With respect to bulbs, try something other than daffodils and tulips.

Unusual and interesting bulbs, such as fritillaria, allium, anemone or dwarf iris, will all
do exceptionally well in a container. So take a step outside of your comfort zone and try something different. One spectacular container sitting by your front door will make you or any visitor forget about all the other evils that may lurk in the rest of your garden.