Wonderful Wattle

Willow can bring a whimsical, English-garden atmosphere to your yard.

Using willow in your garden brings a hint of the English countryside

Willow works feature prominently in English gardens, usually in the form of wattle fences and plant supports. Make your own by growing or collecting whips of willow and weaving them in and out of assembled frames. You can make them as simple or as complex as you like.

wattle fencing in english gardens
Wattle Fencing

Cut, collect and bundle live willow cuttings from your own property or with permission from other areas during fall, early winter or early spring. Willow (genus Salix) comes in a variety of types and colours. Locally, look for native Sitka willow Salix sitchensis or cultivated willow such as Salix britzensis, Salix viminalis and Salix alba. When using willow for wattle fencing or other garden crafts you’ll need a selection of straight stems at least 1.25 cm (½ in.) in diameter, trimmed to 120 to 150 cm. (4 to 5 ft.) long.

In addition to wattle fencing, willow may be used to make garden sculptures, baskets and outdoor furniture. Experiment also with hazel, chestnut and alder shoots.

Learn how to turn your garden into a lush, English landscape.