Woolly Pocket Living Wall Planters

Add a breath of fresh air and a touch of the outdoors to your walls with a gorgeous vertical garden

Living walls are a charming and unique way to decorate your home

Furnish your home with natural beauty. In the time it takes to hang a painting, you can install a lush vertical garden

The Woolly Pocket living wall planter liberates houseplants from their pots to form textured wallscapes and indoor gardens.

Using the included hardware, the pocket fastens easily to nearly any surface, and a military-grade moisture barrier keeps your walls dry. The “tongue” on the pocket’s back panel wicks water directly to the roots for clean and simple upkeep.

In addition to accommodating florals, foliage and succulents, Woolly Pockets make great herb gardens for the kitchen. They can also be installed outdoors, providing lush cover up for unsightly chain-link fences. Give your green thumb a thrill and plant a garden oasis where it’s least expected.

From $40; Room 6.

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